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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retail store in Pune?

No, as of now we do not have any retail outlets / shops in Pune.


I’m an FSSAI certified home baker and ONLY accept custom cheesecake orders with a minimum 48 hours notice period (permitting availability).

I'm not based in Pune. Can I still order from you?

While I would love to deliver all over India, the delicate nature of fresh artisanal cheesecakes would make this unfeasible.

Sorry, I can’t deliver outside of Pune at the moment. But hey, I know some great cake artisans in most major Indian cities and could provide a reference if you needed.

Why do you need 48 hours notice?

Great question!


As an artisanal cheesecake baker every cheesecake is crafted from scratch.


We source the freshest high quality ingredients the same day that we begin preparing the cheesecakes and don’t use frozen ingredients (with harmful preservatives) like other mass-production cake shops in order to save costs.


After our cheesecake has been prepared, it is then refrigerated again for almost 12-18 hours & constantly monitored in order to ensure an even & optimal set and flavour.


In short, we ask for 48 hours notice so that we have enough time to source the freshest ingredients and don’t have to rush the preparation process.


Because good things come to those that wait!

Do you deliver?

Yes, we safely deliver all across Pune! We work with reliable delivery partners and only charge you at actuals for delivery.

Are your cheesecakes prepared hygienically?

I’m so glad you asked!


Yes, all our cheesecakes are prepared while observing the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

In fact, we are proud to be one of the few FSSAI food safety certified home bakers in Pune.


How do I order?

Great! we look forward to making your next celebration more memorable.


To get started, please select a cheesecake flavour from our website and then send us a whatsapp with your preferred cake flavour, size and delivery date.


Do note that we require minimum 48 hours notice to fulfil orders (subject to availability)

Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, No.


We accept payment only via Cash or Google Pay. In case you are unable to pay via these two methods, please message us on whatsapp to discuss alternative payment options.

Why are you so expensive?

Fair question. But very subjective. Expensive compared to what?


Comparing the price of an artisanal, custom-made cheesecake to one you can buy from any roadside cake shop is like comparing a bespoke wedding dress to something bought off the shelf at a discount store – There are just so many factors to consider.


Our cakes are all handcrafted from scratch using only the finest quality (expensive) cream cheese, whipped cream, fresh fruits / genuine chocolates & natural colours / embellishments etc.


As a home baker, I bake cheesecakes in the same environment where i prepare food for my kids – so health, cleanliness & hygiene is always top of mind.


Also, we only bake 1-2 cakes a day since a lot of love and care goes into each cake and we don’t want to compromise quality over quantity.


To sum up, we are not cheap, but we are not terribly expensive either.

We are proud to offer great value for the price we charge.

How can I stay updated about your offers and promotions?

We detest using email to send out sale promotions – there’s enough spam out there anyway & we don’t want to add to the madness.


If you want to stay in the loop about our promotional offers, contests and giveaways; the best way would be to follow @cheesecakedelights_pune on Instagram.


We are very active on Instagram and post regularly. See you there!

Do you teach classes on artisanal cheesecake baking?

Sorry, not at the moment. I already have my hands full with custom orders while juggling home, kids and other commitments.


I have been approached by many women (and some men!) who would like to learn the craft of authentic cheesecake baking and will definitely let you guys know when I decide to begin taking classes.


Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned!